Smoking with Hemingway

 Drinking with Hemingway, fishing with Hemingway, writing with Hemingway, hunting with Hemingway, maybe even smoking with Hemingway.

Seems everyone wants to be with Hemingway, well why not ? What an interesting character who was so creative in his writings that it brought you into the story, and created a lifestyle that some still want to emulate, follow or dream about.

    There have been numerous stories told about Hemingway's life, antics, pleasures, drinks and hobbies. 

 One of those stories refers to smoking and cigars, I'll leave the story alone and let the researchers and historians settle that one, but for myself whenever I smoke an El Papa from the Original Key West cigar Factory, my mind drifts to papa and his lifestyle while living in Key West.

This cigar is a wonderful petite corona that has it all - Colorado Sungrown wrapper and pure Dominican long filler, hand rolled - with a hint of sweetness that makes for a great smoke and one that's not to be missed. This makes for a terrific celebration cigar. From Mr Hemingway - El Papa - and the Conch Republic. (Originally named after Key West's most famous writer) One of our most popular. 

Until another time "I'm hungry let's go have a cigar"