Cigar Humidor review Model: CC-300H from NewAir

When you purchase a bundle of cigars, where do you store them? Hopefully not in the refrigerator.

Now I'm not judging you but I am judging my new temperature controlled humidor from NewAir model CC-300H, which holds 400 cigars per the manufacturer. Now I haven't tried to get 400 inside yet but I would have to agree that this spacious attractive humidor would handle it if I tried.

On the day I received the well packaged humidor, and I say well packaged because how many times have you received a product you were anxious to get only to open the box and find your carefully chosen item destroyed inside the box, well not this baby.  

Let's start from the beginning, I placed the humidor where I had already anticipated it would reside, set the temperature and began to season it, as all humidors need seasoned, regardless if it is a small travel size or a stand up commercial humidor in your favorite cigar store.

Once I set my digital readout temperature using the 1 degree increment buttons it maintained it exactly as I set it, no variation, which is important for cigars as they need steady consistent humidity and temperature. This unit cools and heats as needed to maintain this constant temperature

Some features are authentic Spanish Cedar Shelves, why you ask well I couldn't have said it any better this statement is from the NewAir web site

"Spanish cedar is the gold standard for humidors, thanks to its aroma that adds to the overall flavor of your cigars. Spanish cedar also repels tobacco beetles and retains moisture to help maintain the proper relative humidity level inside your humidor".

The 4 shelves and 2 drawers removable and customizable to accommodate loose, bundled, or boxed cigars as I have all the above, I found this especially nice. 

The lock at the bottom secures your precious stogies from your precious little ones, I personally have no need to lock up my humidors but I did anyway just because I could with one of the two keys supplied and seemed to sleep better knowing my cigars were all tucked away safe inside the airtight door.

The light can be turned on and off as needed is a nice touch for those that may place their humidor in an area dimly lit,  I do not need this light but left in on as it emits a comforting soft blue glow. 

In conclusion I judge this NewAir model CC-300H 400 cigar humidor a best in class and highly recommend it even for a small living space dweller like myself. 

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