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Set in a Handsome Gift Box
Built-In Perfect Cut Guillotine Cigar Cutter
Cuts Just the Right Amount off the Cigar Cap
Adjustable Flame Height
Tabletop Lighter Design
6 Flame Torch
Squeeze Sides to Ignite
Butane Refillable


This is one radical desktop torch lighter The oversized V6 lighter measures nearly 5 inches in height and boasts a state of the art electronic piezo quartz crystal ignition system that executes a powerful six flame torch. To ignite, simply squeeze the smooth action sides of the lighter body. To stop the ignition discharge, let go of the side buttons. Features a wind resistant, adjustable height flame making lighting large cigars, cigarettes etc as easy as 1-2-3! The Jetline V6 lighter is butane refillable and possesses a built in "perfect cut" guillotine cigar cutter inset into the center structure of the lighter. This lighter is meticulously crafted and has a fantastic weight and feel. Comes in a handsome gift box

High Gloss Candy Apple Red 

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